Civil Defence Challenges

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According to the report presented by (xxxxxxxx), Civil Defense is a system put in place by many governments to help the citizens of these countries in supporting the armed forces and the police departments in issues that are concern with crisis situations. Additionally, (xxxxxx) presented that while many factors reduce the chances of disasters like the wars in the world, the world has been exposed to new challenges such as natural calamities, human caused disasters and terrorism. These problems have resulted to loss of human life, destruction of valuable properties and ultimately destabilizing the natural human life (xxxxx). From this reports, Civil defense can be applied in a number of contexts that can be used to describe it. Many countries…show more content…
From the definition of the terms civil security, it is evident that the governments of different countries have set up institutions that are to play defence on several factors that are a threat to its citizens. This includes institution such as; fire fighting institutions; disaster management institutions; response teams on disasters and the institutions that are concern with the survivors of a disaster. Taking Qatar for instance, the fire fighting department has had criticism over the last few years on its response to the increasing number of fires in the country. Many deaths have been reported from the fires. From this, it is evident that the fire defence department has areas that need far much studying so as to ascertain the problems within the defence department and also the come up with solutions to the problems. This research dissertation therefore seeks to highlight the civil defence systems in Qatar , the effectiveness of these systems and also find out on the role played by these defence departments in disaster management protocols. The paper will focus on the fire fighting…show more content…
As reported by (xxxxxx), Qatar is a country prone to fire disasters especially in the dry seasons. Therefore, the study will suggest new ideas that will involve development of training programs for the firefighters on disaster preparedness mechanisms. The research will also be important as it will furthermore offer suggestions to the concerned authorities on mechanisms to fund the programs that deal with disaster management to ensure efficient response mechanisms. The study will provide significant contributions to development of capacity building mechanisms that will help the government of Qatar to develop grass root structures for disaster management. Furthermore, from the study, new ideas will be introduced for disaster management which will be important in reducing the losses of lives of citizens and the subsequent losses of property. This will therefore solve the problems associated with the recurring of the disasters in

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