Human Organ Trafficking In The United States

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This article provides an overview of human organ trafficking in persons and a discussion on the linkages between economic globalization, political globalization, cultural globalization, industrialization, and trafficking. The authors argue “that the political globalization [is] associated with human organ trafficking.” The authors find their hypothesis strongly supported by the works of literature and arguments made by various scholars. The authors have “identified various factors that are associated with human organ trafficking and conduct[ed] an empirical test using secondary data from forty countries.” After conducting a quantitative research, this study found that there are “many opportunities for scholars to examine more factors associated…show more content…
It identifies that organ trafficking is a significant international problem that are usually disregarded by international and domestic criminal law regimes. This paper describes “the extent of organ trafficking and trafficking in persons for the purpose of removal of organs.” This paper “critically evaluate how and why such trafficking has remained largely unaddressed by both international domestic criminal law regimes.” This paper argues that organ trafficking prevents “presents a missed chance for developing the legitimacy of international criminal law and an illustration of how far current international legal institution remains from ideal justice.” The overall conclusion based on the finding of this report is that trafficking organs are rarely prosecuted in courts. The authors suggest that international law must be extended to effectively combat the issue of organ…show more content…
Kelly argues that the organ shortages has led to the underground market for organs, which has led to many negative consequences such as human right abuses, public health disasters, and transnational crime. Kelly asserts that the disparity between the supply and demand for human organs available for transplantation often leads to illegal methods to procure needed organs. Consequently, she proposes that the current international law should be amended since there is a need for a new approach to deal with organ trafficking. The article is based on research collected through articles in local media outlets, conference reports, and government reports. The articles suggest the solution of encouraging legislation to discuss the problem of organ trafficking. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. “Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removal in the OSCE Region: Analysis and Findings,” July 9, 2013, 1–76.

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