Case Study: There's No Future Here

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Chapter 7 HRM Incident 2 There’s No Future Here! Bob is called to the plant manager’s office of Terry Geech. Bob was the plant’s quality control director who had recently turned in his letter of resignation. Bob knew that this was why he had been called to the office. Bob had completed his degree and moved up two levels in the company. Bob did not see himself moving any higher in the company because the next level was Terry’s and he did not think that Terry was leaving anytime soon. Terry was moving to the corporate office in June and assumed that Bob would be taking his position. 1. Evaluate the career planning and development program at this company. There does not seem to be any career planning or development program. Yes, Bob…show more content…
She is regarded well by most of her subordinates. She shows compassion to her associates and tries to help in their personal problems. One of Nakeisha’s workers, Bill Overstreet, had been experiencing many personal problems. His wife and son were having many problems and needed to attend many appointments. He had become “upset and despondent over his circumstances” (Mondy, 2014 pg. 242). During Bill’s annual appraisal, Nakeisha wanted to help Bill get the largest increase possible so she rated Bill outstanding in almost every category. During the meeting Nakeisha told Bill what she did for him. He said that he knew his performance was no better than average and he was so excited to tell everyone what a wonderful boss he had. 1. From Sweeny Electronics’ standpoint, what difficulties might Nakeisha’s performance appraisal practices create? Nakeisha did not follow the established performance criteria that was set up for all the appraisals. This would call into question all of her appraisals. Sweeny Electronics would think that this is the type of practice of Nakeisha. Over evaluating an employee can lead to lawsuits from other employees that did not receive such a high…show more content…
She needs to go to Bill and explain that she is turning his evaluation over to her supervisor. She needs to request that Bill be evaluated by someone else and that her appraisal should be voided. She should explain the situation and take the consequences that her supervisor gives her. She is in the long run preventing a string of lawsuits or if lawsuits are filed they can show that they were attempting to remedy the situation. 3. Might a forced distribution performance appraisal system overcome the problem that Nakeisha has created? Discuss Forced distribution performance appraisals would have limited the number of outstanding ratings that she could have given. I would think that this would have forced her to choose the best candidate for that category because she would want the best employee to receive the highest rating possible. She also might have still chosen him to put in to one of the numbered categories. She still might have decided to put him in one of the categories to give him the increase of pay that he needed. The problem is not the appraisal system but Nakeisha not being fair and consistent in her

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