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Joey Gaspari, December 2, 2017, Fieldwork Experience The event that I attended was the 2017 Division III Women’s Soccer Championship. The Championship was held on December 2nd, 2017 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event needed volunteers in a multiple amount of areas. It ranged from greeters, ball runners, and hospitality. Also, to the job that I had, which is a field gate attendant. It was an event to have the Men’s and Women’s Soccer National Championships be a success and to have fans have an amazing experience with the game, snacks, and shirts people can buy. The sign-up was simple all I did was go into the building by the soccer field to a desk and the lady asked for our names and I said that I was Joey Gaspari and she signed me in and told us where to go. The communication that I had with her was…show more content…
I did not feel appreciated as a volunteer because no one asked how I was doing and no one told me great job after the soccer game, besides my Professor Biaett. We never got an email from the Sign Up Genius telling us good job or way to put great effort. That was another reason on why helping the girl grab the soccer balls that went over the wall made be feel appreciated because I could tell that she appreciated me helping her. It would have been far worse if she was the only one back there because no joke there were like six or more balls being kicked back there continuously. The event managers could give back positive feedback to the volunteers that helped because all event managers say is how important it is to have volunteers. A complaint would be why would a person want to come to an event and help that they are not super interested in it and if they do not feel important. A counterargument would be that the focus is not all on me, but it should also be fair to make sure everyone feels

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