Deer Overpopulation Research Paper

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Rising deer populations in America has caused a multitude of problems. These problems are all confined to the overpopulation of white-tailed deer. Deer population causes problems ranging from car wrecks to disease causing agents in humans. A longterm solution is needed to find a way to control the problem, which is the rising number of deer in America. A non lethal method would more than likely be effective than a lethal method because it is hard to slow down a population when new deer are put into the world everyday. People across the nation understand that deer are overpopulating our ecosystems per square mile. Humans are taking matters into their own hands with very irrational thinking. If a solution is not found soon, we are going…show more content…
Other animals are greatly affected by the destruction that white tailed deer can and will cause. Deer are something called grazers, anything that is in reach of them they will touch, if not eat or destroy it. Branches that hang down in reach for the deer is gonna be eaten by a deer. It destroys all the other animals chances of obtaining a food source. This is why a lot of animals have to migrate elsewhere. They will also destroy other animals habitats just to make their nests. Forests that have deep thicket are perfect for deer to give birth to their fawns. So any animals that normally live in these forests will more than likely be driven out by deer, they do this so they have a place to have their fawns. Another major problem that deer cause is the destruction of people's private gardens. There is no sufficient way to stop this problem because deer are very smart animals for the most part. You could try putting up a fence around your garden, but it would have to be very tall because deer can jump adequately high. Even sometimes, deer have been known to find a way to go under a fence as well by digging through the ground, up under the fence. “Fencing and repellents can help manage site-specific problems, however these methods may just move deer and potential damage to other locations” (Populations). People have been known to create separate gardens, just for deer to eat just so their regular gardens will not suffer from destruction from deer. When a separate garden is created just for the deer, it is still not always one hundred percent effective. Deer will eventually smart of to this trick and enter the new garden where all the good food is. The point that needs to get across is that deer cannot be stopped from destroying our ecosystems or our gardens unless every deer is killed in America or every single one is put in captivity. The

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