How To Play Baseball

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Since it was given a title in a newspaper article in 1856, baseball has been recognized by sports fans all across America as the "National Pastime", and since June 19, 1846, the day the first official baseball game was played, the popularity of baseball has grown exponentially. Children and adults of all ages sign up every spring to play this sport that they love, but little do they know that they signed up to try and attempt to do the hardest thing in sports: hit a baseball. Some of the many components that go along with hitting a baseball include the pitcher throwing pitches with varying trajectories, the batter swinging a bat with certain characteristics, and the ball colliding with the bat with a very high amount of force. As quoted in, Professor of Physics at Illinois University, Alan Nathan's book Scientific American, Walter Spahn said," 'Hitting is timing; pitching is upsetting timing.' " (Nathan 102) and he is absolutely right. A batter may have the timing down to catch up with the speed of the pitcher's throwing, but the batter cannot control how and where the ball moves once it is released from the pitcher's hand.…show more content…
For over one hundred sixty years, these concepts of physics have been used to play the amazing, yet challenging, sport of baseball. Sports scientists use physics every day to further the performance of baseball players from looking at the acoustics of the bat to make the bat have better pop, to analyzing the different ways for a pitcher to grip and throw the ball to have better spin and movement. Physics is not only a science used in the classroom and in laboratories, it is also used in the sports world in many different cases and it will continue to be used so long as sports are
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