Compare Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Glory

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Glory: Stand for Something or Fall for Anything Two prominent African American key figures throughout history especially the Civil Rights Movement were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. They fought a fight they believed was worth fighting for and did so in different ways. Their differences started with their childhood and later religious beliefs and ways of actions based on their influences. Malcolm was born knowing mostly only poverty and violence whereas Martin was born in a middle class family and was well educated graduating High school at fifteen and obtaining a B.A, Bachelors of Arts, degree from Morehouse College. Martin acted on his views of non-violence by having peaceful protests based on his teachings of the Christian faith and…show more content…
It was characterized by boycotts, peaceful sit-ins, and protest marches. Prime examples include the Montgomery Bus Boycott which occurred from 1955 to 1956. It was a 13-month protest sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on a public transportation bus (SOURCE3). It ended with the Supreme Court declaring segregation on public buses unconstitutional (SOURCE3) On February 1, 1960 four male North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University students sat at the counter at the Woolworth’s store for whites-only (SOURCESI). This was one of many peaceful sit-ins happening around the nation. On August 28, 1963 more than 250,000 people marched on Washington D.C as directed by Martin Luther King Jr. in efforts to pressure President John F. Kennedy and his administration into passing a federal civil rights bill in Congress based on jobs and freedom in the capital (SOURCEM). This was the day he gave one of the most influential speeches of all time in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the “I Have a Dream Speech” (SOURCEM). Overall the Civil Rights Movement led to the Supreme Court’s decision to end and outlaw segregation in the South. The two prominent leaders during this time helped make this possible from their religious views, political views, and later assassinations and turning

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