Texas Plural Executive System

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United States has its own executive system and officials, but the United States executive system doesn’t watch over all the issues. The states have their own executive system and officials to watch over the state. I will be discussing Texas Plural Executive system and will discuss each of the department heads. The Governor is Texas highest position officer, yet the governor and lieutenant governor share their power with four other elected department heads. These officials are referred as the state’s plural executive consist of the Governor, lieutenant governor, Attorney general, Comptroller of Public accounts, commissioner of general land office, commissioner of Agriculture, and Sectary of state. The elected department heads are independent of gubernatorial control. One of the officials is the Lieutenant governor, who is considered the most powerful Texas officials by the people, but the lieutenant governor has very few duties…show more content…
The state’s main lawyer is an important member in making many essential public policy decisions. The attorney general represents the state in civil litigation and issues advisory opinion in legal matters to state and local officials. The attorney generals rulings are considered authoritative unless overruled by court verdicts or new regulations. The general attorney is to start, in district court, quo warranto proceedings that challenge an officer’s right to hold public office. The general attorney has plenty of authority on things. The next official is considered powerful out of all the elected department heads in Texas government this official is the comptroller of public accounts. This official is the accounting officer and tax collector. The officer is also responsible in estimating revenue and serving as treasurer for the state. An example is when a bill passes it requires the comptroller’s certification that expected revenue will be collected to pay all budget

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