High School Baseball Persuasive Essay

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High school baseball isn’t select but it is not college. High school baseball is important because the coach can get you into a good college or if you are good enough then you can get drafted out of high school like Bryce harper but you have to be close to perfect to get drafted out of high school. If you want to even play high school baseball you have to carry a 3.0, which is a B average on your report card if anything lower than a B the coach can either bench you till the grade comes up but if it happens over and over you will get kicked off the team and replaced by someone else. The head high school coach can either make or break your high school career or even your college because the coach has all the contacts to scouts and/or college…show more content…
If you work hard enough at the sport then it will pay off there is a saying “The player with the most talent can fade but the player that is getting in work while that talent player is at parties stays”(Coach Jolliff). During the high school season all the guys on the team become a family these guys have my back and I will have theirs=. Baseball is a team sport you can't win a game with one guy it take the 9 best guys out on that field to get the win. High school baseball is the best time of your life people say because you're with guys you know from the start and it's baseball who can't love baseball. What it takes to become a high school baseball player is grades work ethic and listening to your coach if he tell you something you put that into your aspects as soon as the coach tells you. My definition of work ethic is not how good you are it is about how hard you work day in and day out in the classroom and on the field. High school baseball is the time to prove yourself to your summer ball coach and more importantly your high school coach because like i said he is the one who can make you or break you. Baseball is like life and everything you do in life if you fail you get three strikes. HIgh school baseball is the main time in your baseball career because that's when your “not getting two signs and the coach

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