Film Summary Of The Film 'Water Is Wide'

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The movie we watched was on, “Water is Wide”. It was about a young teacher working with African American students on an island called Yamacrew, South Carolina. However, I thought the movie was very historical for youth African Americans. We as young African Americans should be thankful for how society has given us an opportunity to get our education. That’s why we should strive harder toward education like going to college to become a better person. The board of education in the early 1940s’ and 1960s’ didn’t care about African American students learning how to read or write. In the beginning of the movie, Ms. Brown introduce Mr. Conroy as the new teacher, the students didn’t know how to pronounce his name. They called him Mr. Conrack. I think Mr. Conroy was an amazing young teacher. He uses his own teaching methods to get the students to learn outside the classroom. I wish the school system were more encouraging when it comes to teaching African American children. If I was the African American teacher besides Ms. Brown, I would have encouraged the students more to read and write…show more content…
Conroy, since he was the only person trying to help the children learn. The students felt very comfort around Mr. Conroy, especially when he let them be themselves in the classroom. Meanwhile, Ms. Brown made the students feel frightened because she would spank them. Even when they tried to learn she would spank them. I desire Ms. Brown because she knew the students didn’t know how to read or write. She didn’t really care for the children learning or not learning. But she would spank them thinking it will made them learn. When the new teacher Mr. Conroy came to teach she tried her best get him into trouble. Because she didn’t approve of his teaching habits. But at the end she finally stood up at the board of education hearing saying,” It was not right”. Ms. Brown was referring to the board of education stopping Mr. Conroy for teaching the students at

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