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The shows that are part of the sports section are the “Armstrong Strong Arm” play and “The Fight of the Decade”. Henry Armstrong had been an influential boxer throughout his career. He learned about boxing when he overheard a man winning 75,000 dollars in a boxing match. He slowly became one of the greatest boxers, and he strongly stood against segregation. Henry would not fight at segregated arenas in order to show his displeasure. During 1937 and 1938, he was able to win three championships, becoming the first person ever to do that. He also knocked out 26 of his 27 opponents, and he was known to have a strong arm. “Armstrong’s Strong Arm” is a play that will portrays his life and how he became a boxer. The play will start off by showing Armstrong as a child, and how he learns about boxing. As the play progresses, it will show Armstong…show more content…
Joe Louis is a famous American boxer who went up against the German Boxer Max Schmeling. There were two fights that happened between the two boxers. In the first fight, Max Schmeling was able to beat Joe Louis. However, a rematch happened between the two. In 1938, Joe Louis proved himself against Schmelling by defeating him in 124 seconds. Even though the fight was short, the implications of the fight were important. It also foreshadowed the loss of Germany in World War 2. The time of the fight was during the same time Germany started to gain more and more power. After the two fought, the U.S boxer won, which foreshadowed Germany’s loss in the future in World War 2. The play “The Fight of the Decade” will also show the two seperate lives of the boxers. It will show events that lead up to them facing each other the first time. After the first fight is over, there will be more events, and then the rematch will happen. The play will relive Joe Louis’s amazing performance, as well as show the importance of the match to the

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