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My passion is baseball, I love the Detroit Tigers, I love the statistics and numbers, but most of all I love playing the game of baseball. I’ve been playing baseball for 5 years, and the only reason I fell in the with baseball was because of the being a part of a team. You have to work together and get along win a game, and i’m not too competitive when it comes to winning, as long as we worked hard together and had fun, I was fine with losing. I’m not the “best” at baseball, but there really is no good or bad, unless you actually don’t try and don’t put forth the effort and make sacrifices to practice and enjoy the game. Being a part of team, no matter the sport, is a great feeling. The only way to have a good team is to treat each other like family, when we all had fun and worked hard together to win, that was when we became more of a family than a team. You feel as if you don’t want to let the others down by not doing good in game or practice, but a real team would help you with you fundamentals or encourage you to do better. And getting along is the key to be a successful team in any sport. The only…show more content…
If you don’t practice taking ground balls, it’s very difficult to stop them and it’s pretty painful. A couple years ago I had an incident with a ground ball at practice. I was playing first base and my team mate was up to bat, at the time the field was pretty rough, it had some bumps and holes here and there, well I didn’t notice there was a little dirt pile pile in front of me. So it basically was a little jump for the baseball, so he hit the ball right at me and it did hit the little bump and the ball hit my eye in a split second before I could even think of getting my glove up to my head. It didn’t really hurt at all when it hit me because I must’ve been in shock but then the pain hit me when I got realized I was sitting on the bench. And my face instantly swelled up and I couldn’t see out of my eye for about a

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