Mental Toughness In Baseball

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Mental Toughness The mind quits before the body. During any activity your mind will begin to fill your conscious with negative words, telling yourself to quit your activity and deceive you to achieve failure. Baseball is one of the biggest mental games in all of sports. The game is filled with a nine inning roller coaster ride of emotions. Players will experience a positive experience such as a go ahead home run or a great play on defense. On the flip side, you could be the team who just gave up the go ahead home run, or the batter who was robbed by a great diving catch. I live to play the game of baseball, because baseball teaches people about the challenges of life. Baseball disciplines people on the importance of mental toughness because…show more content…
In today’s society many individuals are moving at a fast pace. Baseball is a slow game allowing for players to develop the attribute of being patient. During an at bat a player, on average, will see four pitches. It is important to be able to have pitch selection. A pitcher may often start a hitter off with a couple off-speed pitches followed by a fastball. Since off-speed pitches are harder to hit, a hitter must have patients and wait to swing at the third or fourth pitch. Also, a pitcher does not throw a strike every single pitch. Often pitchers will pitch a baseball outside of the strike zone with a goal to make the batter swing and miss. It is important from a batters perspective to be patient and wait for a strike. Additionally, baseball is not played continuously. The game is filled with many breaks making it crucial for players to remain patient. Players learn to get rid of any anxiety feeling because it could lead to a decrease in performance. Furthermore, players will try to do to much instead of being patient and allowing the game to come to them. Fore example, players on defense are usually anxious to get to their next at bat instead of focusing on the present and playing defense. Being patient is an important when it comes to mental toughness because people are always in a hurry and usually forget to stop and embrace the…show more content…
Mental toughness is important because baseball teaches players to never give up until the final out. A baseball game is like a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s is important to be able to control your emotions throughout the game. In baseball it’s easy to score multiple runs quickly. A team could have a three run lead into the ninth inning and end up losing the game in matter of seconds. Additionally, batters often go into hitting slumps that can last up to a month. A hitter could be excelling in June, but by July could be struggling. Players have to learn to control their emotions to be successful. Another example, is when the game is on the line. Last inning and a player’s team is down by a run. Both the batter and pitcher needs to be able to control any nervous feelings. Determining the amount of mental toughness a player has often shows who will win the close, exciting games. Baseball is a sport that can prepare players for the real world because as in life people are exposed to emotional highs and lows. Baseball can help teach players to be able to maintain composer in challenging times on and off the

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