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Nicole (郭春辰) Mrs. Cary Ann Vincent Applied English 131 5 June 2015 General Topic: the symbolism Restricted: the symbolism in the Great Gatsby More Restricted: the symbolism in the Great Gatsby in colors Topic Chosen: How the Great Gatsby present the symbolism in colors outline Topic How the Great Gatsby present the symbolism in colors A) introduce Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby I.literature review B)describe the meaning of the symbolism I.the definition of symbol II.use some examples of the symbolism C) symbolism in colors I.green II.white III.yellow E) Conclusion How the Great Gatsby present the symbolism in colors This paper could…show more content…
It consists of four parts. The first part introduces Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby. The second part describes the meaning of the symbolism. The third part discusses the symbolism in colors. The forth part is the conclusion. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is an American writer and he is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers and considered as a member of the “Lost Generation” of the Twenties. The Great Gatsby is a novel about love, longing and heartbreak. It is told by Nick who is a newcomer to the area and observes the lives of the people around him. Nick is Daisey’s cousin and her husband is Tom. And through they love each other they have a trouble relationship. They across the lake from Mr. Gatsby who many years ago was in love with Dsisey but left to go to the war and lost her to Tom. He throws elaborate parties hoping one day she will come so that he may see her again. It is one of the greatest literary works of that period. (“The introduction of The Great Gatsby”) The dictionary defines the word symbolism as, “the use of symbols to represent ideas, especially in art and literature” (A S…show more content…
White means pure. In the eyes of Gatsby, first met Daisy who wears white clothes is very beautiful and pure. In the meantime, the Author use white which means hypocrisy and emptiness to describe the Daisy’s characteristic. She wastes all day and it is the nature of her. It also decide that Gatsby is unable to change the miserable ending. Yellow is the color of gold, in the novel is a symbol of wealth and status. Gatsby clearly knows that the reason why he lost Daisy is poor. So when they meet again, he convey the information of wealth. Many things are all gold. This symbolizes Gatsby can not escape the mundane concepts. But Daisy is the worship of money. Author use yellow which symbolizes wealth and associated with death, indicates the money lead with Gatsby to death. Except the above three colors. There are still many other colors in symbolism. In short, symbolism greatly contributes to the success and popular of this novel. The symbols are uniquely involved in the plot of the story. This novel uses different colors to describe the people’s characteristic and fate. Readers can not only touch the United States public pulse, but also can more clearly see a colorful art

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