Women Discrimination In Islam

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Introduction Nowadays, the issue of women's rights is very common topic for debates. It is known that a women was a property of men in past. The revelation of Islam has raised the status of women by abolishing women's status as a poverty of men, allowing women to have control over their property, do not change their maiden name after marriage and etc. There are many changes in increasing status of women and their rights. According to the Quran, the Islamic book that is believed to be the word of God, men and women are equal in the eyes of God; they are created as equal parts of pair and they are "members of one another". "The Believers, men and women, are protectors of one another; they enjoining what is just, and forbid what is evil;…show more content…
• When it was asked whether a respondent follow Islamic principles or rules written in the Holy Quran, 16 per cent answered that they do not obey the rules, while 34 per cent claimed, that they even do not know what the rules are. It is probably because of the effect of western culture and modern world. In my view, the development of technology, worldwide trade, globalisation and etc. can significantly affect on the cultural beliefs and opinions of people. • The question about women being discriminated in Islam has arisen many arguments. For instance, about 40% respondents answered that women are discriminated; the rest 60% claimed that there is not any inequality between males and females. During the analysis it is observed that almost 50% of all female respondents think that women are not discriminated, while another part think vice versa. It probably depends on their current social status and age. • Another interesting case is demonstrated in Table1. This table shows that people think that women are free to choose what they do. Three respondents who chose "building a career" are women. The reason for their answer could be their status in real life, values or aims and…show more content…
The main points are illustrated below: Exactly 50% of interviewees think that there is discrimination, while others disagree with that. See Table2 to see the proportion of males and females who took part in an interview. Males Females 3 3 There is a discrimination There is not There is a discrimination There is not 1 2 2 1 Table2 On the question “is there a gender inequality, or not? If yes, how do you feel about that?” one interviewee said, ‘Yes of course there is discrimination, it can be seen in everyday life. However, this discrimination is needed for the humanity, because if a woman and a man were the same in everything, from physical development to thinking and perception of information, women would not require men. In other words, women could do everything by themselves.’ By contrast, another interviewee claimed that ‘There is not any discrimination. Before the 21st century, there were always been wars. Men were protecting their nations, but women could not do anything on the battle, so they stayed at home. But now, there is a peace and women have already begun to take part in social life, because now they can do something beneficial for their nations or humanity in

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