Cultural Discrimination Assignment

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World history is taught differently throughout the world, some which are unknowingly bias and others which are not. Through this, our perspective of the world is altered. The topics that have been taught to us possess different meanings and affect us in different ways. As I have travelled throughout my entire life, I have been taught differently. Subjects are taught in different forms, depending on the country and the individual who is teaching the subject. Nevertheless, there has been one prominent element that has been present throughout history; cultural discrimination. The study of world history has allowed me to understand the various forms in which cultural discrimination is present. This is depicted through societal reactions and individuals…show more content…
When it comes to an attack, mainly a terrorist attack, the affected society is quick to generalize the culture of that specific terrorist group. For instance, 9/11. When this terrorist attack occurred in 2001, by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, on the United States, the entire world perceived Islam as a malicious and ruthless religion that no one should trust and need to be cautious around. From this point forwards, all airports require individuals with the traditional clothing of Islam, such as the hijab or the abaya, to be removed inside the airport for ‘safety’ reasons. This is due to the negative portrayal Islam has been carrying since that terrorist attack. However, there has been more terrorist attacks from Islamic parties than other religions. There is also the terrorist group of ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist group formed by Islam individuals who believe that their form of Islam in the right one and should be followed by everyone, leading towards attacks to eventually convert individuals into their religion or persecute those who disobey it. There has been a vast majority of terrorist attacks by this specific group all over Europe and Africa, or so it is believed. There have been terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia and more that have been conducted by ISIS. Due to this, the world has further generalized the religion in a negative way. Now,…show more content…
It is a discrimination that is not seen as a huge issue but, seen as a minor problem that could be solved afterwards. It has been present throughout history all over the world yet, has not had a solution. It is nowadays present in Trump’s USA as it was in 2001 during

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