Compare And Contrast Jack And Ralph In Lord Of The Flies

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In many situations, distinct individuals emerge from ordinary people to become leaders as their supremacy rises and lead people towards their goal. In order for effective leaders to rule wisely and civilly, leaders must embody qualities that aid them while they have the role of being a leader. In Lord of the Flies, a young-adult fiction book by William Golding, Ralph the protagonist, comprises the true qualities of being a competent ruler. He is a sophisticated, mature leader who works for the common good; although, Jack is more confident in himself and is more assertive as a leader. Initially, Ralph is a very sophisticated leader despite his immaturity at the beginning of the first chapter. Before the boys agreed to choose Ralph as the…show more content…
Nearing the end of chapter five, Ralph displays hesitance when Piggy urges him to blow the conch to call the boys. “If I blow the conch and they don’t come back; then we’ve had it. We shan’t keep the fire going. We’ll be like animals. We’ll never be rescued.” (Chapter 5) Piggy encourages Ralph to blow the conch to control the wild boys during the assembly, but he becomes hesitant and doubts his role as chief when he confides with Simon and Piggy. “I ought to give up being chief. Hear em’.” (Chapter 5) These instances determine that Ralph is not confident, in contrast to Jack’s assertiveness. “Tomorrow,” went on the chief, “we shall hunt again.” He pointed at this savage and that with his spear. “Some of you will stay here to improve the cave and defend the gate. I shall take a few hunters with me and bring back meat. The defenders of the gate will see that the others don’t sneak in.” Jack’s assertiveness truly affects the boys that chose to affiliate Jack’s tribe. His supremacy causes the children to not interrupt or upset him. Although Jack is quite haughty, Jack does display confidence as the leader in his tribe. Jack’s firmness shows that he is quite the leader, being effective and causing the children to stay intact while keeping them

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