The Gift Of Fear By Gavin De Becker Summary

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As an officer of the law, what are the main responsibilities? Protect the innocent, arrest the unjust, enforce the law as well as protect it, correct? However, as an officer, what do you do with the fear and how would you control it? In my process of reading Gavin De Becker’s “The Gift of Fear”, one section in particular from this rich book of stories caught my attention. It could be perhaps because of how realistic his stories are or possibly because how perfectly this story correlated with law enforcement. Although addressing any topic in law enforcement is risky, let alone discussing the awkward similarities that place feelings, emotions and instincts in the same drawing bowl; Becker distributed and focused his observations in a way that portrayed each story with clarity and that also engaged the attention of the reader.…show more content…
These assumptions of how humans act are in everyday life especially in law enforcement. When in a uniform on the job, your every move is recorded and noticed once sprung into action. The way you portray yourself to the public is the way it is reflected on your head officer and precinct. In the presence of fear, will you overcome it or let it overcome you. There have been incidents where fear has overcome law enforcement and that officer had received the backlash of the community and fellow officers. These errors of predicting what type of behavior come from the idea that others will see things as we would and have similar

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