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Essay I: Q: From the book Experiencing Architecture list and describe how one experiences architecture, give an example for each sensory experience as does the book. A: Basic observations can be achieved through simple interactions with objects. One can get a sense of the hardness of a wall by simply throwing or bouncing another object off of that wall. Also one can physically walk up and touch that same wall and get a sense of strength and durability of that material. Another way we can experience architecture is by moving around and through that structure. We can get a sense of size and shape by viewing a structure from the outside in as well as being able to view a structure from the inside out. Sometimes we move around it and…show more content…
A: The built environment consists of what humans have made and includes buildings, cars, computers…etc. The natural environment is everything that man did not create such as dirt, animals, rocks…etc. The way the built environment affects human behavior can be seen clearly with technology and the rate at which it evolves. Humans try to make life easier, more convenient and simple, and by doing so it shapes our behaviors. Phones and computers have shaped human behavior in both positive and negative ways. Although technology can make many tasks much easier it can also promote anti-social behavior by disconnecting us from reality. If you were to hop on a train or bus anywhere, you may find that more people are communicating through their phones and not with the people around them. Another way the built environment affects human behavior is with vehicles. Today, most people own personal vehicles to travel quickly from place to place. This allows us to work away from home, be able to transport other people and materials, and travel great distances in a relatively short amount of…show more content…
Vernacular architecture was based on structures built for local needs by local builders with local materials. This type is not designed by educated architects but more along the lines of building out of necessity. An example could have been a hut made with mud or mud brick walls and woven stick roofs as a means of shelter. Popular architecture is exactly what it sounds like with buildings that people view as socially acceptable. Also, it could be that a building or structure suggests its purpose through its design such as when a house looks like a home or a store front looks like a place of business. An example of this could be when you drive through a neighborhood and all of the housing looks identical. The last type of architecture is high style which is a type the suits the cultural needs of the elite. This type is usually made by large organizations that may not be local and that use high quality materials that are also not necessarily local. Usually this type of structure does not have its location in mind when designing, and normally serves the purpose of displaying power rather than function. An example would be enormous cathedrals that are built strictly for religious purposes and to display a sense of

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