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Introduction Lollapalooza is music festival that originated in Chicago, USA. Like many organizations that have experienced troubles, Lollapalooza has seen their fair share. The following list of stakeholders can help Lollapalooza further develop and improve their festival for the customers. With some of the stakeholders being more effective than others and assessing this when looking at the power and interest. Visual Presentation The way in which I have represented the network analysis for my leisure company, Lollapalooza is as follows. Lollapalooza is placed in the middle, with the stakeholders around it, each evenly spaced from the leisure company. Entertainment Lawyer In order for Lollapalooza to prevent headlining artists from cancelling…show more content…
Mosquito fogging is a pest control technique that keeps mosquitos away for a short period, long enough for the festival duration and is not harmful to humans. A Pest control company does not have much power but Lollapalooza has received many reviews talking about the pest problem. As for interest, the company is pleased to be receiving work. Despite not having further interest for Lollapalooza. Better Vendors The comments from (Yelp, 2011) included that the food from the vendors was over-rated and a scam, saying it was far too expensive and a lack of quality. Hiring better vendors and catering companies will improve the overall experience for the customers. Vendors have some power, as they have networks and loyal customers which could help Lollapalooza grow their audience. High quality vendors will have interest in working for a festival. It is a good work opportunity and also gives them a good reputation to work at a globally known event. Transportation company Lollapalooza using a transportation company can help customers get to the event. Transportation companies do not have great power for the company, however have a great network and knowhow of how to operate their own business. As far as interest goes, Transportation businesses show no interest, except for the fact that there are receiving…show more content…
However, this stakeholder does not have any power in relation to the event. They simply are hired to create a better experience for the customer. They are somewhat an interest to lollapalooza as using these suppliers gives a more anesthetically pleasing restroom experience to the customers. BuzzFeed BuzzFeed has had a very powerful voice on social media over the last couple of years. It would be great exposure for Lollapalooza to work with Buzzfeed and help the festival receive new interest in locations worldwide. Due to Buzzfeed’s success over the years they have gained a great deal of power and have a strong voice, their interest however might be lacking. Public Safety Public Safety is one of the key factors when it comes to a festival. Having a good public safety team is essential and Lollapalooza needs to arrange for the appropriate number of staff. Public safety does have a lot of power in a music event, Customers must feel that they are safe and being taken care of. They’re interest is more complex, public safety members care about keeping citizens safe from events such as terrorist attacks. Although for them this is just work and are not particularly interested in

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