Modernism In Modern Art

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FIGURE 2 : HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954) 'The Open Window, Collioure', 1905 (oil on canvas) CUBISM; was the first style of modern art as cubists paintings ignored the traditions of perspective drawing and show many views of the subject matter, therefore cubists believed that the traditions of the western art had become exhausted as they drew on the expressive energy of art from other cultures, however there are two distinct phases of the cubist style such as Analytical cubism (-pre 1912) and synthetic cubism post 1912 (RUBIN 1980:243). FIGURE 3 : PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973) 'Ambroise Vollard', 1915 (oil on canvas) FUTURISM: was a revolutionary movement that aroused in Italy and celebrated modernity, therefore the futurists intended to outline a…show more content…
Therefore it is vivid that modernism had introduced non-realistic forms of paintings like the impressionism, whereas the invention of a camera came with the technology of capturing an image as painters began to experiment with ways that they could capture subjective senses and also be in the position of expressing…show more content…
Therefore war propaganda was prominent in western European countries. Throughout history the government have use propaganda as a powerful tool for drumming up support during the interwar periods, as a result of the widespread of propaganda depicting the Germans as mad brutes, American and German citizens faced widespread persecution, however the use of propaganda encouraged the masses to enlist themselves in the army through the use of posters that depicted soldiers as heroes. Therefore the tactics ranged from depicting the famous Uncle Sam to illustrate the opportunities for travel that young men might not otherwise experience, hence the use of propaganda was used to generate feelings of patriotism and support for the war to effort and recruit volunteers for industrial work (SILVER

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