Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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People say energy drinks are bad for you that they hurt you I am here to prove them wrong. They have so many good effects that people don’t realize what they can actually do for you. They are made for a purpose of keeping you energized. They offer a great amount of caffeine in healthy forms that will get you through the day, But that is not all they do they help you when lifting heavy things or running. They will push you, keeping you awake and activating your body reflexes of tightening your muscles to push that weight or tighten your calves quicker to help your sprints. In all they help you in multiple parts of your life they can also help your memory during a test so they are helpful, they're to keep you awake during the test and help you remember the…show more content…
People with heart conditions need to go online and look up how much caffeine they are allowed to drink in a given day and drink accordingly to that. Monster energy has put out a type of energy drink, which is mostly water with some caffeine in it which is the probably healthiest energy drink you can consume on daily use. Don’t mix energy drinks with alcohol, even though it is not reported, it is unhealthy to do its probably just not a good idea to do and people that sign contracts for sponsors with energy drink companies most also promise to not mix them with alcohol so if the companies don’t want their own people promoting that then it’s probably not a good idea to do. People say energy drink are bad for you don’t drink them your heart will explode this is just not true. People when they first try caffeine they normally have a faster heart rate mix in with some nausea, but this is not just thing energy drinks, coffee does this so does sodas if you haven’t drank them in a while so saying it’s just energy drink are bad is the wrong

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