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Smoking Gun How does one value his or her life? Does one go to the doctor for yearly checkups? Or perhaps one eats healthy and/or exercises daily? Although there are several anti-smoking ads, thousands of teenagers, as well as adults, continue to ruin their health by smoking or chewing tobacco, so do they truly work to persuade viewers to not smoke? Anti-smoking ads provide an insightful view on how much a pack of cigarettes actually costs. In the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s anti-smoking ad campaign “The Real Cost,” the audience is intrigued by the utilisation of social media and other media to propagate ads that warn about the dangers of tobacco use. In the month of February of 2014, the U.S. FDA nationally launched a public education…show more content…
The older lady behind the counter precedes to say, "Honey, I'm gonna need more than that," before the young teen begins to peel a piece of skin from her right cheek to "pay" for the pack of cigarettes. After handing over the pack of Menthols, the woman again speaks, saying, "I'll see ya again." The video ends with a voice-over: “What’s a pack of menthols cost? Your smooth skin. Smoking menthols or regular cigarettes causes wrinkles that age you prematurely. What are menthols costing you?” To conclude, this product advertisement uses pathos, or an emotional appeal, to attract the audience’s attention by showing the youth of the teenager and how it affects her body to buy a pack of smokes (FDA). [does this go after the entire paragraph or before the conclusion last sentence?] The foregoing ad is successful in showing the negativity cigarette smoking provides in one's future. In addition, in terms of “buying” the product sold, anti-smoking ads, such as the various “The Real Cost Commercial” ads, yields the infamous reality of un-escapable addiction. The chain of addiction leads to countless, unsettling complications, including an expansion of substance abuse, issues with money, health, and relationships. Because of this, and the age of the teenage girl in the commercial ad,…show more content…
It also leads to the following medical conditions: cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, emphysema, reduced lung function, and chronic bronchitis as well as an innumerable amount of smaller, less life-threatening complications. Moreover, the FDA’s advertisements reframe dependence on cigarettes as lost control to disturb the convictions of freedom-seeking youth who, as of now, think they will not become dependent or feel they can stop whenever. These videos also delineate the threats of the dangerous blend of chemicals in tobacco smoke to persuade youth to research additional information about what is truly in every cigarette, along with sensationalising the negative health consequences of smoking meaningfully/in a meaningful way to exhibit that every cigarette accompanies a “cost” that is more than just

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