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What Is BMR BMR is known in full as the Basal Metabolic Rate, and is an estimated calculation of the calories that one’s body burns when it is doing nothing but resting. This is the amount of energy that the body uses when it is at rest and this moment of rest includes when the digestive system is not active and therefore food has already been digested and absorbed by the body. Therefore the basal metabolic rate, or the BMR is the energy that is used to burn calories when the body is at rest and the energy produced is simply used to run the main organs of the body that keep us alive and healthy. These organs include the heart, the lungs, our muscles, the kidneys, the skin and our intestines. The purpose of keeping the main organs running is…show more content…
It is important to understand these factors because they can greatly help us to understand our basal metabolic rate at particular times, as well as help us to influence it, either to increase it or decrease is as we wish to. The basal metabolic rate will be affected by anything that causes an increase in our metabolic rate in general. It is important to note that, the basal metabolic rate will vary from one person to the other due to difference in weight, height and other factors. The age of an individual will affect their basal metabolic rate. This is because the younger you are, the higher your metabolism is, however as you grow older your metabolism slows down. Therefore, the younger you are the higher your basal metabolism rate is but as you grow older, your basal metabolism rate decreases and continues to decrease. The amount of food and the type of food that an individual consumes will affects his or her basal metabolic rate. If one eats little food the body produces little energy and thus the basal metabolic rate is low. However when one consumes a lot of food, more energy is required so as to digest the food, as a result the basal metabolic rate will be

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