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What is lung capacity? The total lung capacity (TIC) is the most air that you can inspire into your lungs. It is made up of the following: Tidal volume (TV): the usual amount of the air that you breathe in and out of your lungs with a normal breath. Secondly, the Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV); additional air that you can force into your lungs after you breathe in the tidal volume.There is also the Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV): after you breathe out normally, the ERV is additional air that you can force out. Lastly the Residual Volume (RV); the air that remains in your lungs after you force out as much as possible. Lung capacity is important because it predicts health and longevity. This means that the older you get, the harder it is for…show more content…
I think the results that were very accurate. The one thing about this experiment is on the low side that which was my participants. It is very hard to find people that were on the exactly relaxed and calm because if they are not then the results might be different for the person that does this experiment. Overall I think this experiment was fully successful and I got to learn a lot about the difference between male and female lung capacity. I learned that females have a larger lung capacity than males. The female average was around 50.6 and for the males, the average was around 47.8. There is no major difference but this proves so much about females having larger lung capacity. Some possible sources or errors in this experiment may have been: The participants- which means don't make them run or do any physical activity before doing this experiment because it affects the lungs and its capacity and so if you measure after any physical activity you may not get the right results. Blowing into the balloon: when you are doing this experiment keep a close on how your participants blow into the ballow because they might blow how we humans normally blow into. You have you explain you then you have to take a deep breath and then blow the air into the balloon and stop when out of the

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