Veterinarian Compare And Contrast Essay

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Everyone in the world has a dream or a goal that ha want to achieve. The most thing that the people want is to do the best in their work. Doctors and veterinarians are very accurate and experts and they have a massive responsibility. These two jobs treat living things, so both of them have to be loyal and excellent in their duty. A comparison between doctors and veterinarians shows that they share differences and similarities in the area of patients, location of work and danger involved. One point of contrast between doctors and veterinarians is patients. These two jobs are unlike in the patients they treat. Doctors treat people only. On the other hand, veterinarians treat just animals. People are the sane, so it is easy to see them and communicate with them. In addition, being a doctor is more comfortable than being a veterinarian because the veterinarian is not able to anticipate the animals movement and thoughts in all situations. Second, the area where the doctor and the veterinarian work is a little different. The doctors have an arranged place, quiet and not noisy. While the veterinarians place is so crowded with the animal noises and sounds. Moreover, the veterinarians place is covered with the animals skin and feathers. It is not such a clean place nor tidy. Both of these jobs share some similarities in the…show more content…
The veterinarian should be able to deal with animals and be proficient, patient and not scary. The doctor has to be careful with people. Both the doctor and the veterinarian treat living things, so they have an enormous responsibility. They have to be seriously focused. Animals can not talk, but they can feel, the veterinarian has to be cautious with them. The doctor should give the right medicines to people and the veterinarian as well. Also, in the surgeries both of them face danger and they have to know what they are doing and be

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