How Does Orwell Use Propaganda In 1984

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In 1984, George Orwell portrays a society in which the government completely diminishes the individual's ability to think independently. Orwell uses the propaganda disseminated by the Party, an-controlling government, to manipulate the minds of its people into believing that the Party is nothing but beneficial. By the Party eliminating a true sense of human connection, the people of Oceania fail to express love to one another and the importance of a human life. Also, by the Party constantly putting their citizens under strict surveillance, the Party destroys any form of freedom. In addition, the Party's ability to control the language and dress-attire of its people removes one's power to individualize. Through the Party's use of propaganda, Orwell warns that an all-controlling government crushes an individuals' freedom and emphasizes that one must always defend his individuality to prevent the establishment of a blind, compliant society.…show more content…
Due to this impact, the death of a person is unrecognized and a powerful connection between a man and woman is frowned upon. For example, [insert idea about the little boys wanting to witness the hanging]. Despite its name, The Ministry of Love, one out of the four ministries that govern Oceania, is specifically targeted to the torture of a human until he is fully brainwashed into loving Big Brother [mysterious dictator]; the only form of love encouraged by the Party. Apparently, the only reason for a man and woman to have children is so that the Party can increase in its population. Thus, it is clear that the Party's power over its inhabitants is for their own sake rather than for the people of Oceania as a

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