How Hebrews Shaped Western Civilizations

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Question 1 The Hebrews were influential, and their innovative concepts shaped Western civilizations. • The Hebrews set up the idea of the “chosen people.” It has the reflection in the modern idea of nationalism. • American settlers utilised “Manifest destiny” as the right to spread political control over North America. This was another Hebrew’s vision that influenced western societies. • They brought about the predominance of the Law, which is one of the main principles of the politics – no country governor may be above the law. • The Hebrews developed the first monotheistic religion. God as an almighty power sees and guides everyone. This created an ethical direction of growth throughout the American history and still has an influence. • God provided the understanding of right and wrong, taught to differentiate between light and darkness. The Hebrews implemented two valuable symbols – body and soul – which shifted the understanding of relationships with self and society. The soul chooses the actions for the body to get…show more content…
• During the Late Medieval kingdoms became a successful form of the government. Such countries as France and England with kingdoms as a ruling form laid the basis to modern nations. • On the other hand, Italy was involved into world trade. Some cities created community which were the form of pre-democracy. • Popes became one more leverage in the decision-making process and another political representatives. They could argue the word of a king. Pope Innocent III thought the popes could rule the whole world. • Medieval cathedrals were the like art centres. These buildings were and still are the mixture of arts gathered together: sculpture, architecture, paintings, musical and theatrical performances. Every piece of art had divine theme, e.g. paintings with the scenes from the Bible. Question

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