The Clergy In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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A clergy is someone who is an authorized religious leader, such as a priest. The roles and responsibilities of the clergy included teaching the bible, confessing sins, and marriage and funeral celebrations. A clergy would be the official who would proclaim the word of the Bible. In Shakespeare’s time, many people could not read, so the clergy would teach the people about God and the Bible. “During the play Romeo and Juliet” Juliet tells her nurse to let her parents know that she is going to the Friar’s cell to confess after being rude to her father. The Friar is also the one to marry the two lovers as well as the one to organize Juliet’s funeral. Religion was and is very important to the people of Italy, so the clergy was very much respected during Shakespeare's time and had many different responsibilities. In terms of conflict, Friar Laurence is a noble and entrusted man in the city of Verona. Friar Laurence is a holy man, he believes in the greater good of his surrounding community. He believed the lovers were advancing too quickly, but marrying the young lovers might end the existing feud between the two households, thus he agreed to marry the duo but he didn’t pause and reflect among…show more content…
He is one quick to give advice to Romeo, he thinks Romeo is but a child who can’t decide on what he values. Friar Laurence often spoke words of wisdom and logic in Romeo’s direction. After the word is out about Romeo’s banishment, the Friar stops Romeo’s from killing himself, and suggests that banishment is greater than death. Whereas Romeo believes it’s worse, he won’t be able to see Juliet. Here the Friar becomes more of a parent as he tries his best to get the lovers together. Thus in conclusion, the Friar sucked himself into a problem that wasn’t his to begin with, his intentions were positive, but then again life won’t always be the way we perceive it to

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