Ways Of Seeing Summary

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In the essay Ways of Seeing, John Burger claims that the way people see things is affected by what they know or in what they believe. It is clear that Burger’s argument lies on the fact that people only see what they looks at, but there are also other aspects that interfere in the way people see at the things, like images. That looking is an act of choice, depending on your believes, but to touch is different, because when you touch something, what you do is that you situate yourself into a relationship with that thing that you are touching, different from just looking, and that we never focus on one only thing, that as same as we see that thing at the same time we are looking at the surroundings and the relationship of it with what you are looking at.…show more content…
There’s when he call the word image, that images are all man-made, because images were things that first were looked by men and then transformed into images, stating that an image is a sight that has been re-created or reproduced, that all depends on how we see them. An image is a record of what a person has seen in a specific moment. For example if it is the case that we see a picture from the sixteen century then we will situate ourselves to that time, by just looking at the picture or image you can situate yourself as if you know the painting and the many things related to it. The case of perspective is also important, because Burger also states that perspective is
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