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Moby Dick is considered one of the best and awe-inspiring books ever. It is about a person who becomes a whaler on a ship where there is a white whale that has illused the ship’s captain, Captain Ahab. All Captain Ahab wants to do is find this white whale and kill it. Moby Dick by Charles Dickens is an adventure for the ages where Charles Dickens shows how Moby Dick stands for great prize, myth, and hardships. To Starbuck, Moby Dick is just a whale. A whale just like every other normal whale just a little more dangerous. Starbuck is just a whaler who likes to kill whales and challenges Ahab’s motives. Starbuck doesn’t care about killing a certain whale unlike Ahab. Ahab is putting the crew at risk just to kill this certain whale for vengeance. In Chapter 36 Starbuck says ”dumb brute ... that simply smote thee from blindest instinct!” Moby Dick can also stand for Ahab’s madness to Starbuck.…show more content…
He also seems very reasonable in his desire to leave the whale alone. He says this to Ahab in Chapter 100, “There would be great glory in killing him, I know that; and there is a ship load of precious sperm in him, but, hark ye, he’s best let alone; don't you think so, Captain?” So to Samuel Enderby’s captain, He couldn’t really care less if the whale was

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