Totalitarian Government In 1984 By George Orwell

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In the novel 1984, George Orwell shows us what we need to avoid, which is a totalitarian government. Orwell saw the effects of a totalitarian government during his lifetime and warns us today of the possible outcomes when a government wants too much control. He describes all of the restrictions, rules, and the sufferings of a totalitarian government. He warns us, the people, to make sure that the government doesn’t take complete control of us like the government did to the people in the book. The government in 1984 uses psychological manipulation to control their citizens. If the people in the novel do something that the government believes to be anti-government, or if it goes against what the government wants everyone to believe, then the government will torture and brainwash you until what they want you to know is embedded in your brain. If the citizen does not give in to the torture, then they will be killed and the government will pretend like they never existed. If you asked questions about the person, then you could be arrested for thought crime and possibly executed yourself. Also, Big Brother convinces the people that they are not real, and that they will die unknown, but collectively as a group they are immortal. Winston asks O’Brien if Big Brother actually existed, and all O’Brien responded with was, “You do not…show more content…
They are in everyone’s homes, and they can never be turned off. They are constantly watching the people to ensure that they are not committing thought crime. Also, the Thought Police ride around in helicopters and peer into people’s homes as if the telescreens were not enough. In today’s world, we do not have telescreens, but smartphones. Almost everything we do today is done through our cellphones, and that is an easy way to track everyone to know what they are doing. We do not know for sure if the government is ‘keeping tabs on us’ like they do in 1984, but there is always the

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