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In a world where freedom is just a mere thought that is not dared to be mentioned aloud People are forced to live by the rules of whomever appears take the control. In a Utopian society, everything is followed in the exact same perfect order, Whereas in a dystopian society it is the complete opposite. A dystopia is just an illusion of a perfect utopian society. Living in a dystopian society where people worship a figurehead instead and live in fear, such as the citizens from novel “Harrison Bergeron” by author Kurt Vonnegut, Book 1984 by author George Orwell, and Movie Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes directed by Matt Reeves, all battle with not having their own freedom to express. In each literature piece they used some sort of control whether…show more content…
In book 1984 a character named Winston lived in a society where they were being monitored through a TV and watched at all times. “ The instrument ( the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of completely shutting it out.” (Orwell 6) So at that point he wasn't able to really do anything besides what he was told or there will be consequences. In Harrison Bergeron, ther society restrained them by stripping them of their own individuality. “They were equal every which way” ( Vonnegut 1) In terms that know one in any way possible was different from the others. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes people live in a dehumanized state where apes take over.” A virus outbreak killed half of the population and now the apes are taking up a lot of our land.” ( Reeves) When this happens, this gives the citizens' no option but to live in a society controlled by apes. All three stories connect in a way of their similarities, but separated in difference. The three dystopian stories are different in some ways because of how their societies are run. In 1984 the citizens' of Oceania were lead by a symbol of government titled ‘Big Brother’. “ Big Brother Is Watching You.” (Orwell 6) Big Brother was a single authoritative figure that kept the society running as a dystopia. In the Harrison Bergeron story civilians was not watched on telescreens like in 1984, but was monitored by controlling how you thought. “ harrison had a little mental handicap radio in his ear.” (Vonnegut 1) Which the government of that dystopian society uses to make sure no one is thinking differently. In the movie planet apes, is ran by apes, but later regained by the citizens'. “ Its not just about power, its about

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