1984 Big Brother Is Watching You Essay

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After reading 1984, I felt an even stronger hatred towards communism. As I was reading, I thought about North Korea and how everybody who lives there worships Kim Jong-il like he is some God. Although Kim Jong-il is the cause of North Korea's poverty and extreme totalitarianism, all his people still think he is the greatest person ever even if he is destroying their lives. In 1984, Big Brother is the ruler and all the citizens of Oceania look up to him. Every where you look, there are huge posters of Big Brother's face saying "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" (Orwell). I read this line over and over in the first couple pages of the book and I thought that phrase was so demonic. Big Brother reminded me of an evil spirit watching your every move, just waiting to destroy you. Along with the creepy posters, the Party destroyed all forms of documentation and put Big Brother into the history books where he does not belong. The children have become brainwashed to turn against their own parents and take…show more content…
By thinking rebellious thoughts, he could be killed by the Thought Police, but that doesn't stop him. Winston's purpose in the book is to help the reader understand what life would be like in a communist country. Since he is not as affected by the Party's psychological games, the reader is better able to understand the negative effects of a totalitarian government. Throughout the story, Winston commits multiple crimes, each increasing his risks of being killed. First he writes "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER," then he has a love affair with Julia and becomes a part of the anti-brotherhood. Julia on the other hand lives in the moment, while not getting caught by the Party. She is more concerned about small-scale rebellions and sex. She has said that she had sex with multiple Party members and does not intend to change her ways. The purpose of Julia is to contrast Winston's

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