How Does Family Background And Environment Affect Development

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How far family background and environment effect the child’s growth and development? Does these two factors really affects their growth and development? Well, as we read lots, we found many research proved that the development of a child is strongly influenced mostly by their families’ backgrounds and their surrounding environments. As stated in ‘child’s development stage’ table, at age 0-2 years, the infant tend to imitate their parents’ do and also their siblings and people surround them. If we observe it in reality, it is seems to be as what said in the theory. And from that, they learn attitudes until they grow up. So, obviously it is depends on their parents’ teachings and the environment provided to them in order to create the child’s attitudes and character. As said from (Goldsmith, 2000); the ability to handle life’s issues and demands is based upon psychological foundations of early family experiences. Within the society, parents identify certain values that are important for the development of their children.…show more content…
We choose him to observe both of his family background and his environment affect his growth and development or not. He is an ordinary child lived in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. He is year two student aged 8 years old and had his studies at rural school which is SK Kulim, Gual Ipoh, Kelantan. He sits at first class out of two class overall. His father works as assistant officer of national anti-drugs agency (AADK). His mother works as a teacher at his school. He has four siblings and he is the third one. His eldest sister and his brother are still studying except for the youngest which is aged a year and seven

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