Drug Trafficking In The Philippines Essay

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Illegal Drug Importers in the Philippines Drug is a substance that is used as a medicine that can have a bad effect to a person’s body if it is abused. Psychoactive plants or psychedelic plant are often harmful to a human body are used to formulate illegal drugs. According to the United Nations world drug report in 2012, the Philippine has the highest abuse rate for methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu in East Asia (Esplanada, 2012). As stated by Padua (2012), in the Philippine one of the primary organizer and funders of methamphetamine trafficking are Chinese organization crime groups. It was also acclaimed that the smuggling of methamphetamine was coming from an African drug trafficking organization in Malaysia (Esplanada, 2012). The Philippines, however, is a partner to international exchange and regional meetings were restricting drug trafficking is concerned. The Philippine government should track drug importers, some Filipinos are…show more content…
Filipino citizens are being used to smuggle illegal drugs by different syndicate operator. The issue of four Filipino citizen that was executed in China for drug trafficking gave attention on how Filipino citizens are used as drug couriers by foreign drug trafficking organizations. Some of the new modus operandi that the Chinese syndicates are using Filipino travellers in China to smuggle drug, they would give a package to these Filipino citizens in the airport that contains kilos of methamphetamine drug (Takumi, 2014). In other countries Filipino citizens have also been arrested in other country while attempting to smuggle cocaine from South America into Asia, as well as Methamphetamine within Southeast Asia (Esplanda, 2012). There is also an alarming increase in the number of Filipinos who have been enticed, duped and subsequently recruited by international drug

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