Pocket Picking Case Study

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Honoured Sir, These are the cases of the Pocket picking, which have occurred on 29.11-2014 at about 17.00 hrs, to 17.15 hrs and on 25.04-2015 at about 19.15 hrs respectively in which accused has stolen the Gold ornaments at Lad Bazar, the area in which offences were committed comes under the limits of P.S.HussainiAlam and falls under the territorial jurisdiction of this Hon’ble court. The brief facts of the case are that on 30-11-2014 at 17.30 hours received English written complaint from Sri. Mohammed Maqsood Farooqi S/o. Mohammed Omer Farooqi, age 36 years, Occ. Business, R/o. H.No 13-1-147 behind Dargah Chisti Chaman, Mangalhat, Hyderabad in which he stated that on 29-11-2014 his mother Mubashir Unnissa, Occ.…show more content…
Accused confessed that she has committed theft of Gold ornaments i.e Ten (10) Gold Bangles( Pertaining to Cr.No 232/2014 U/S 379 IPC)Gold ornaments i.e Gold Small Bangle( Pertaining to Cr.No 88/2015 U/S 379 IPC). On that the LW.12 secured the presence of mediators LWs 5&6 and recorded confession in their presence. In the confession the accused person voluntarily confessed commission of the above-mentioned offences and admitted to her guilt. The four gold bangles items of stolen gold ornaments were sold to unknown buyers and spent the cash for her needs and vices and hidden the remaining gold ornaments at her house desk locker. LW.11 recorded the detailed confession of the accused person and later accused led LW-11 and LWs 6 & 7 to his house at Plot No.83, Suleman Nagar, Lal Daba,…show more content…
Rukiya Begum @ Yasmin and issued arrest memo duly informing the grounds of her custody, as well as custody intimation has given to her relatives for legal aid, under the proper acknowledgement, LW-12 served the notice 41 (B) Cr.PC is strictly

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