Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Can social meadia have a positive or negative affect on teenagers lifes? In my opinion, yes I feel social median can affect teenagers in a positive, and negative way. Positivley teenagers learn how to build relationships with others socially and mentally. When they communicate with their mobile devices it allows them to be free without personal judgment. In the social media world you can have many friends whom all have different personalities, and interests, you also get the chance to learn things about someone just from viewing their profils,pictures, and thoughts. When I joined social media it gave me the chance to reconnect with old friends , and meet new friends . Social media allowed me to have discussions about what was going on in the…show more content…
Some people may not have cable telivison, so they may be unaware of whats going on around the world. With social media it always provide you with the top stories and keeps you in the know. Try living in a world were your only communication with someone is whenever you see them. That could be very difficult especially if you have a emergency and you need to contact some asap. With mobile devices you can always contact somone at any time ,and any day. Even if you just want to tell someone good morning , or to let them know you are thinking about them ,or even schedule appointments mobile devices come in handy. Without my mobile devise I would'nt be able to call or text my daughter to check on her whenever im away at work. When I gave my daughter a phone at an apropriate age , she was able to communicate with her cousins,and friends through texts and mobile games. My daughter learned how to spell words correctly, search the web, and find educational videos. It also allowed me to educate her on the dangers of the enternet. Just from using her mobile device and social media my daughter learned how to be more social,creative, and…show more content…
Sometimes we may get so caught up in our phones that we dont really notice how much time we spend on them. Mobile divices have become a regular part of peoples lifes. Waking up and cooking breakfast has become waking up and checking your phone first before doing anything else. Mobile phone are so distracting that sometimes you cant have a conversation face to face with someone without stopping to read and reply to a text message. The first moment you get bored you instantly pull out your phone instead of doing something else. People rather communicate on social media than in real life. i watched a eposide on televisoon where this woman was in a online relationship with someone she never met for 5 years. How can you virtually date someone without getting to know who that person really is, or what their life is really like. How can you learn if you and that person have the same interest if you only know them online. Social media can stop you from learning the truth about someone because it is so easy to hide behind a screen. Sometimes I have to let my daughter know its not good to be on your phone all the time because you cant get things done glued to a screen all day. Soon as my daughter finishes her homework she jumps right on her phone to play games with her friends or watch arts and craft. I dont see a problem with her using her device for learning purposes

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