How Does Empathy Influence Social Development

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Empathy and Context – A Social Perspective The other component which influences empathy development in related to the context around children. As mentioned before, there is a relationship between the cognitive buildings of social competence, such as empathy, taking into account the individual differences facing conflictive situations. On the other hand, specific contextual factors in the environment around the individual which have own demands and expectation from the subject perform important roles in empathy development and students self perception, taking into account the aforementioned statement about the bidirectional relationships between cognition and social interaction in social notions` constructions, .The purpose of this section is to discuss the theoretical foundation of the context over social development, taking theories from psychology development (Piaget, Vigostky and Erickson) and highlight the statements…show more content…
Piagetinan theory related to cognition development in childhood( despite he did not give a transcendental role to social interaction among individuals) states that the context around children affects directly the manner in which they creates cognitive schemes and world representation. In addition, social behavior in childhood, such as playing among peer, contributes to overcome stages of cognitive development (Piaget, 1987 cited in Shaffer et al 2007). On the other hand, developmental theories which emphasize in the role of social interaction states that cognitive development is naturally a social fact, and it is impossible to overcome context exigencies without the assistance of model in the society, social relationships and expectations about them intervene in the manner which individuals respond to social environment. (Erickson,1971, cited in Meece,
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