Family Background Essay

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How far family background and environment effect the child’s growth and development? Does these two factors really effects their growth and development? Well, as we read lots, we found many research proved that the development of a child is strongly influenced mostly by their families’ backgrounds and their surrounding environments. As stated in ‘child’s development stage’ table, at age 0-2 years, the infant tend to imitate their parents do and also their siblings and people surround them. If we observe it in reality, it is really true. And from that, they learn attitudes until they keep growing. So, it is depends on their parents and environment provided to them to create the child’s attitudes and character. As said from (Goldsmith, 2000);…show more content…
Meanwhile, his mother is a caring and loving but a less care about his study. There’s a story he told us when he received his achievement record book, he was too afraid to give to his father to sign and he find way to avoid it by forging his father signature and at last he got busted when his father accidentally found his achievement record book and he got beaten. In what we can conclude, too stern with our child will make them too afraid and do something more unpleased if they make mistakes whereas at this age, we need to teach them to be responsible on their own mistakes but it doesn’t mean we need to be too fierce in teaching them about responsibilities or other important issues as this will resulted not as what we want it to be. The kind of care and attention children receive during their early years of life affect their handling of important issues, such as trust vs. distrust and autonomy vs. disunity. The more positive the family experience, the more likely the students were to have a positive attitude and believed they were in control of their lives (Goldsmith, 2000). We once asked Ammar what he want his parents to be like to him. And he said that he want his parents to encourage and support him always in his studies and doesn’t too fierce on him. It is proved that love and good care from parents will help child’s growth and development to be
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