Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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Fast Food Nation Summer Writing Introduction Schlosser thought it was important to write about the fast food industry because of the significant impact this industry has had on our society. As stated in Fast Food Nation, the fast food industry not only has changed the American diet but “landscape, economy, workforce, and popular culture” of our society. Fast Food Nation has failed to produce the same level of reform as The Jungle because fast food has impacted American Society much more than it did during the release of The Jungle. The Fast Food industry has become part of one’s daily life by this time. Schlosser choose to focus on the McDonald’s Corporation because it has had a large impact on way we live today. As stated in fast food…show more content…
"The real price never appears on the menu." basically means that although the product may be at reasonable price its can have costly effects one’s health and environment. The U.S eating habits have influenced the “Americanization” of the world because people all over the world are beginning to eat like Americans. There are many exports from the US to locations all over the world such as cd’s, tv shows and clothing but food is the one product that can be actually consumed. Critics of the fast food industry are often referred to as un- American because they go against the “beloved American institution” . Fast food serve as a metaphor for American life because as fast food has become the american way. Since the beginning of the fast food industry, the need for fast food has only increased. As stated in fast food nation “ in 1970, americans spent 6 billion on junk food…. in 2000, they spent more than 110 billion”. I. The American…show more content…
2. Your Trusted Friends -Walt Disney is the founder of the Disney theme parks such as Disneyland and Disneyworld and he created the strategy of synergy -Ray Kroc is the man who made McDonald’s go nationwide and the founder of the Mcdonald’s corporation. He created the philosophy of QSC and V that is still used to guide the McDonalds Corporation The “My McDonald’s” campaign relates to this chapter because the goal of the campaign is to have customers feel like McDonald’s cares about them as if McDonald’s is a “true friend”. If Dan DeRose and Mike Cameron were to have lunch together they would probably discuss advertising in schools but i believe it would be more likely arguing because they would have different view-points. I believe that Dan Derose would be eating and drinking products that he has advertised such as Burger King and Dr. Pepper while Mike Cameron would be of course drinking pepsi and eating a meal from a non-chain restaurant. 3. Behind the

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