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Who should be responsible for what people eat? Some people believe that the government must create anti-obesity strategies and help people to keep good health habits. Others instead believe it is the individual's responsibility. In the article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko states that eaters should not be blamed for what they eat, and that the fast food industry is to blame because they do not provide healthy food choices. While some people believe that it is our liability what we choose to eat. He presents his personal story as an example of how the fast food industry markets children influencing their eating habits. Contrasting Zinczenko’s position in the article “What You Eat is Your business,” Balko argues it is the individual’s…show more content…
Throughout the article, he uses his personal experience to support that people should not blame the eater. It is the fast food industry who is causing obesity and a rise in diabetes cases. By using his childhood experience, the author is more believable because he was directly affected by the poor diet offered by the fast food industry. For instance, Zinczenko illustrates that he can sympathize with fast food patrons by describing how he gained weight: “By age of 15 , I had packed 212 pounds of torpid teenage”(463). His own account lets the reader connect with his story and provides a valid source of information since he lived through the problem. It also adds credibility to his argument. Zinczenko also emphasizes how easy it is for children and teenagers to have access to fast food. For example he indicates that “[l]unch and dinner for me was a daily choice between Mcdonald's, Taco Bell” (462). As Zinczenko points out, many children who are in their own struggle trying to manage a healthy diet. His account proves how the fast food industry targets those innocent children who look for a meal and end up making unhealthy choices. Zinczenko’s own story causes a tremendous impact in the reader. It also shows his motivation to write about the topic, and therefore, makes Zinczenko’s argument highly

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