Default Bias In Michael Bloomberg's Downsizing Supersize

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Despite present knowledge of obesity and health studies, it still continues to plague the United States. The general mentality is that obesity can be shamed out of people, that it is purely a choice that they consciously made, but this is simply not the case. More often people are enticed by advertising that shows delicious food seemingly to satiate customers hunger but more to line their pockets. James Surowiecki’s writes about New York mayor Michael Bloomberg in his essay “Downsizing Supersize” and his proposition to ban super-sized sodas. Now on one hand, yes this can be seen as a restriction of choice or even “freedom”. However this does address a key problem with obesity, what Surowiecki calls the “default bias.” The default bias is…show more content…
This default bias not only addresses a problem that causes obesity but a problem with the United States as a whole with regards to media and politics. This is why Mayor Bloomberg takes a stand against super-sized sodas. According to data related to obesity a key contributor is soda, which can be described as drinking a soda can worth of sugar. While definitely not the only culprit in obesity, attacking this product could be a productive venture. Bloomberg proposed a ban on super-sized soda within the limits of New York which would act as a buffer to the citizens liberal purchase of sugary excess. One supposed problem with this proposed measure is what would stop customers from buying two 16 oz drinks in lieu of a proper 32 oz drink. This is a weak argument in that who

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