How Do Teachers Affect A Teacher

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Everyday, striving for improvement and betterment of their characteristics and educational output, Senior High School students do their best to cope with the educational system. Everyone that the students interact with contributes in shaping them to be better. Teachers are one of the biggest factors that affect every aspects of a student’s academic life. This study aims to expose, reveal and show how a teacher’s treatment affect the student’s attitude and behaviour in school. Teacher’s understanding of their behaviour towards their students is of paramount importance. According to Adalsteinstotter (2004), successful teacher-pupil interaction in the classroom is essential to the educational and social development of pupils. As teachers show proper assistance and provide high quality of education, they tend to help their students in improving their school and social performance. O’leavy (1997) has stated that, the way teachers attend to their pupils determines in large measures, what the children will do. If teacher show their comfort, it affects the student’s behaviour. The student’s may increase their self - confidence / involvement to participate in different classroom activities.…show more content…
Parents may ask their children about what they think but some cannot say what they truly feel. Without this study, the positive and negative effects of a teacher's treatment on the behaviour of students will not be explained properly. People will base what they know on what they see and it will cause a negative impact on the student because they will be judged without knowing what they really feel. This may cause a student to perform poorly at school or have a sudden change of

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