Essay On Gender In Politics

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When we look at the political makeup of any nation of the world we focus on many different factors. These factors range from the age of the citizens, to the political party they identify with, the poverty level, the living conditions, the economy of the state and so on. One area that is also looked at is if gender has any effect on the politics there. This does not mean gender in the typical sense, not if the person voting is male or female, but instead the gender of the candidate that is running for office. The political makeup of the nation based on the gender of those who represent the people. We study the issue of women's gender in the political world for many different reasons. The closer we look into this issue the better we are able to understand how the people of our nation fell about different political issues. We are able to understand what they are looking for in their representatives in the legislature. When a citizen goes out to vote they are giving us more information than just who they want to win that…show more content…
Yes we can learn about the history of the women's movements and learn about the representation of women in our legislator or women in politics in other nations. However, the only way to see change is to give it time. Time for the stereotypes to fade away until it is only a small group that still believe in the,. There is only so much that we can do until there is nothing left changing except the statistics with every new election. The wage gap and the gender gap will always exist on some level. We are aware that it is there and the effect that it has on women. Yet if it is going to change it is not going to do so overnight like some would want. Even as more people are educated about these issues you need a change in the social and cultural dynamics of the nation to change in order for women to gain seats in the legislature and to change their status in the
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