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"To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal." This quote by William James explains the character in "Home" 's abnormality and makes society realize how normal they truly are. In the story of "Home" written by Anton Chekhov, we first are introduced to the governess Natalya talking to one of the main character Yevgeny Bykovsky who is a prosecutor. Natalya is telling Yevgeny that he must speak to his child, Seryozha, who is smoking at the age of seven. Yevgeny tells Natalya to go and grab his son. While she is gone he starts to think of the times when he was punishment of boys who smoked in school. Then Seryozha comes into his father's study, Seryozha is described as young and naïve. Yevgeny is "angry" at his son and begins to say that he…show more content…
"He pictured his Seryozha witch a huge cigar, a yard long, in the midst of clouds of tobacco smoke, and this caricature made him smile… Yevgeny Petorvitch on his free evenings was in the habit of telling Seryozha stories…Seryozha was very fond of this improvisation, and the prosecutor noticed that…" (Chekhov, 1887). Many know the Oedipus complex as where the child is competing for the adults' attention, but in this case, it is the adult wanting the child's attention. Yevgeny in our story is trying to be more like his child, which is the opposite of the traditional Oedipus complex. For example, in the animal kingdom young wolves will start and try to howl when the alpha does trying to get attention from them. In this case Yevgeny is starting to catering his child by acting how his child wants him to, first in the telling of stories. Secondly when he is smiling at his child's horrible actions. Is him conforming to a psychosexual fixation that is not common. Although the reverse Oedipus complex is lightly touched the defense mechanisms he uses makes him a character that is more

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