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In the article, “When Does Homework Hurt More Than It Helps”, by Paul Luke explains some of the reasons of how homework affects students’ lives. Thought the article there are a lot of one on one interviews between children and teachers. These one on one interviews range from elementary students, to high school students explaining their ideas about Homework in their lives, and how it affects them. One student was being interviewed in grade for and the student explained how she cannot play sports nor have fun as a child because she is spending at least 10 hours a week doing homework. In fact the parents of this girl are having a hard time trying to help their daughter out because it is completely overwhelming for them and their daughter. Not…show more content…
There are many studies found that explain how homework affects students in a negative way for the most part. Students in Some elementary Schools are doing three times the amount of homework that should be required for their grade level. The students at these schools have worked on homework for more than twenty five minutes a night on homework. Students in elementary school do not have the attention span to be able to focus on doing that much homework at their age levels. The barrages of homework that are given these students have given many households stress with parents and their children. The NEA has proposed a 10 minute rule for every one grade you go up. That rule does not really seem to be logical because students in 5th grade would have to be doing 50 minutes of homework a night. 50 minutes of homework in 5th grade is not the best idea and the NEA should go back to the drawing board to figure out a better way to fix the homework problem in America. The article also explains how homework being given to the students should be based on the students’ abilities. If the student is very good at a specific topic the teacher should not assign kids the homework. If students need help with what they're learning, the homework should be given to them. If the teachers do not feel comfortable not giving all the students in…show more content…
He has written several books that explain his view on homework. One of Wagner’s books the “Global Achievement Gap” This book explains that schools are not preparing students for the real world. According to Wagner homework helps students critically think and helps use problem solving skills to help them achieve success in the work place. Wagner is not the only person that feels homework is a good thing for students to do. Daniel H. Pink who is an author of many bestselling books, says that people that have a lot of “knowledge’ will soon be gone because the lack of effort students are putting forth in school these days. Pink believes that teachers should be pushing students for success and mastery skills in which homework does provide to students. Another belief that Pink has been that technology is going to replace many of the important tasks that people used to have because many people in this day and age are quite lazy and do not want to put in the effort. Pink believes that students should be motivated to succeed in school and homework does achieve that. Homework is not always the problem sometimes people are the problem that has sprouted from laziness and lack of

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