Rape In The Fields Case Study

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Sociology 1010 Midterm Exam Conformity is when a set of beliefs in pushed on people and those people follow it. In the documentary Rape In The Fields it stated that there were nearly 500,000 women working in the United States without any papers making it illegal for them to work. Their bosses assaulted the women because their bosses looked at them as if they own them and they would get raped. The women said that they had to deal with it because if they tried to do something they wouldn’t have a job and they needed a job so that they can make a living. Women were threatened and put at gunpoint. There was a guy named René Rodriguez that was working at Harris Farms who was accused of rape, Rene would put his victim at gunpoint and tell her that he could kill her if she tried to do something. His behavior was informal deviant because he raped his victim and threatened to murder her. Capitalism is a very big part in the documentary because individuals had to compete for survival every day and they would be forced to do stuff that they were uncomfortable with but had to do it because they were at risk of losing their jobs if they didn’t. Workers didn’t have the required documents to work in the United…show more content…
Women were threatened to be deported from the country if they got involved in the case. Decoster farm is an egg farm located in Iowa, the farm would make women work for days on end and would hide women from law enforcement because they didn’t have legal papers to work. Women would be gathered at the farm and raped. Acculturation is when someone has to adapt to a social environment that they are not familiar with, a lot of immigration workers have to experience this because they come to work and are forced to work such long hours with very little pay and are forced to do things outside of their comfort

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