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A semester in a college year is a difficult one. Definitely there is no course that is easy to study hence, we had conducted a survey to know the ways on how to pass a semester in a college year. We chose the 1st year Medical Technology students to be surveyed because we find their course as one of the most difficult. These are our findings from what we had surveyed among the 50 1st year students of Medical Technology undergraduate program: There are only 4 students who studies an hour a day, 26 students studies 4 hours a day, 11 students studies 6 hours a day, and 5 students studies 8 hours a day. There are 28 students who preferred library in studying, 15 students preferred café for a place in studying, 4 students preferred their room for…show more content…
According to Temporal Dynamic of Learning, cramming is an ineffective study strategy. When cramming, a student typically reads his or her notes/textbook again and again, often the night before the exam. This “last-minute” preparation denies the student the benefit of spaced repetition, and results in poor long-term retention of the information. While previous lab studies comparing cramming vs. spaced repetitions sometimes found a benefit of cramming on immediate tests, these immediate tests were administered usually no more than 10 minutes after the study session. These short-term gains were invariably reversed when the test was administered after a longer delay, cramming leads to rapid forgetting. Therefore, students should endeavor to begin their exam preparation early, giving themselves sufficient time to space out their study sessions and engage in retrieval practice, so as to improve long-term retention of the material. The following question is “is cramming an effective way?” All of them answered yes, I conclude that they are preferring this effectiveness whenever they take their quizzes or tests as what we have mentioned in our further research cramming is effective on immediate tests, like quizzes after a discussion, in that manner cramming is effective but not in an

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