The Light Bulb Essay: Who Invented The Lightbulb

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The Light Bulb In this essay you will learn all about the light bulb, the simple yet revolutionary object, for example you will learn, “Who invented the Lightbulb?”, “When was the lightbulb invented” and “Why was the light bulb needed at that time?” but the biggest question of all “How did the Lightbulb change history?”. The first Paragraph is going to be about “Who invented the Lightbulb?” and the big debate about Thomas Edison the inventor or just a fake?. The second Paragraph will be about “When was the light bulb invented” and all of the important moments of the light bulb. Last but not least “Why was the light bulb needed at that time?” also the problems with having to use candles. Now it’s time to get ready for the fun fascinating facts about light bulbs. You will probably start to be more fascinated about everyday things and the little secret behind each one. “Who invented the lightbulb” well easy Thomas Edison, but what if I were to tell you Thomas Edison was actually the person credited. Though Thomas Edison was one of quite a few inventors working on the revolutionary object he is credited because patent the first commercially successful bulb in 1879. Warren de la Rue was the first to develop an efficient designed light bulb but due to the cost of platinum the bulb was kept from becoming commercially successful. Then in 1850 a english chemist named Joseph Swan fixed the problem of the platinum by using carbonized paper filaments instead, but Swan “Like earlier renditions of the light bulb, Swan's filaments were placed in a vacuum tube to minimize their exposure to oxygen, extending their…show more content…
So as you could imagine Light bulbs would be incredibly

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